Automatically catalogue unstructured files and documents to define the data you have, what it contains, where it resides and who has access to it, allowing you to concentrate on your day job.


      Data governance helps the enterprise understand how data is linked to business processes and outcomes, enabling a data strategy and prioritising data management activities based on business goals such as increasing revenue, decreasing cost, and minimizing risk.


      Data governance is essential to cybersecurity. In order to protect against threats, the enterprise needs to know what data to protect and how best to protect it. Data governance allows an enterprise to identify its high-value, high-risk datasets and allocate relevant resources to protect the data.

      • Using DocAuthority to support your records and data retention activities can save you money and reduce risk for your business.
      • Classifying business data is a foundation element of information risk management and information security as well as also contributing significantly to regulatory compliance.
      • DocAuthority can reduce the costs of classifying business data while at the same time addressing several shortcomings of traditional document classification solutions.
      • DocAuthority enables the management of very large volumes of historical data allowing it to be managed in line with privacy regulations.
      • No software solution can make any business POPIa/GDPR compliant but we’ve worked hard to make sure that DocAuthority can enable your business to align with the principles of POPIa/GDPR.
      • If your business is conducting an information access governance activity or is concerned about securing sensitive information, DocAuthority can save you money by maximizing the value of any work done and reducing the cost of risk retained by the business.




      Faced with limited insight and control into intellectual property exfiltration attempts, security teams need to take a proactive approach. Choose Reveal to identify and manage risks associated with employees accessing critical IP, prevent data exfiltration attempts, and educate employees how to handle data correctly.

      Ava exists because we believe that we can create a better, smarter way to deliver security. We inject intelligence into our approach to security and all our solutions. We help organizations get the whole picture of their surroundings to protect their people, business, and reputation in real-time.

      WHY AVA?

      Full visibility to current blind spots. Continuous monitoring provides visibility into user behavior, data access, and system use. Security operators can search on file, USB device, connection, browser, application events, and more.


      The lightweight Reveal Agent has minimal impact on employees’ productivity, performing incident-based training, advanced content inspection, policies, machine learning, and automated enforcement with efficient CPU usage.


      Built-in policies for data tracking, cyber hygiene, and malicious activity can detect and defend against various risks. Policies run against computers and users, providing insight into how users access files, applications and systems, which determines specific areas of risk.


      Constant enforcement without exception–whether they are remote or working offline. Enforce employee adherence to corporate policies such as Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), Information Security Policy (ISP) and more.


      Ava Reveal helps you understand human and device behavioural patterns in real time. Strengthen your defense against insider risks - malicious, careless, and accidental. Make your static IT policy come alive, close compliance gaps, and protect against data loss.


      Identify and manage risk and vulnerabilities with the help of Ava Cyber Analysts.

      Click Here to view AVA Brochure for more information




      Digital Complexity Requires Data Protection

      Growing complexity of digital business ecosystems. Ever-present data exposure risks. Increased pressure to be in compliance with evolving regulations. These conditions are forcing businesses to find and adopt new data security and privacy standards. Unfortunately, most solutions are proving to be incomplete, overly difficult to use, and incompatible with modern DevOps practices. At comforte, we take a different approach. With powerful structured data privacy, data security, and automation technology, organizations can be more agile and meet their compliance needs, secure their own applications and products, and embrace SaaS, cloud, and cloud-native strategies.

      Agile Data-Centric Security

      Even though boundary defenses and access control methods can reduce the vulnerability of businesses to malicious attacks, threat actors are still successfully bypassing these controls. The adoption of cloud services even further deters effective control of the boundaries around their data. One overlooked security hole or vulnerability, and suddenly attackers can find a way through. And this doesn’t even account for inside jobs, which are becoming more prevalent too.

      Many traditional data security solutions are actually pre-cloud and pre-regulation, with lengthy and complex deployments and only minimal risk mitigation value. Clearly another approach is necessary. We built our data security platform precisely so that businesses have another, and better, way to secure their data.

      Organizations Need an End-to-End Solution

      Power through regulatory roadblocks with measurably reduced risk

      • Protect sensitive data at its earliest point of entry into your systems
      • Reduce the need to expose the data over the entire data lifecycle

      These two measures are critical to success with data security and point to the need for end-to-end solutions. Implementing data-centric security requires a platform that not only offers protection methods fitting your specific use cases, but that also allows you to identify and classify data-sets and perform data analytics across all of them. Protecting data requires knowing where data is, and knowing what it is. A data-centric solution must be comprehensive and enable you to integrate these capabilities easily into your enterprise applications and existing cyber security infrastructure

      Designed for IaC and CARTA

      Full automation for operation, data protection, audit, and logging

      Comforte’s data security platform is built on an Infrastructure as Code model, enabling automated data security provisioning and delivery with orchestration systems like Kubernetes. APIs enable secure control over system management, operations, and audit streams. In addition to machine interfaces, GUI editors and audit consoles provide simple interfaces for operations. Our data security platform comprises three integrated services to enable a comprehensive end-to-end data security strategy: SecurDPS Discovery & Classification, SecurDPS Enterprise for data protection integration and monitoring, and SecurDPS Connect.

      Today, comforte’s data security platform is protecting hundreds of millions of payment transactions, healthcare records, insurance records, and more, reliably running in business-critical environments.

      Solution Summary

      When used together, the full SecurDPS platform can enable organizations to understand all of their sensitive data assets. With powerful levels of visibility—including a better and more rapid understanding of data privacy risks as well as visibility into lineage and use of data—your organization can gain a unique and powerful perspective for planning privacy compliance, implementing cloud migrations, and then measuring your breach risks in a quantitative manner.

      Besides discovery, the ability to instrument data protection over sensitive data in a consistent and intuitive manner at scale provides total control over sensitive data, wherever it goes. This facilitates cloud migration, SaaS adoption, deeper data science, and other high-value activities involving sensitive data without data-leakage exposure.

      • Reduce business liability and avoid accidental exposure by insiders or 3rd party vendors as SecurDPS replaces in-the-clear sensitive data with token values that are meaningless if it is exposed.
      • Achieve true compliance and reduce dependency on compensating controls as a temporary measure to pass Security Audits.
      • Monetize data and continue to grow and land new business as you exchange data with other companies in a manner that does not expose sensitive data.




      About IronNet

      IronNet’s mission is to deliver the power of collective defense cybersecurity to defend companies, sectors, and nations. The company was founded in 2014 by GEN (Ret.) Keith Alexander, the former Director of the National Security Agency and founding Commander of U.S. Cyber Command. Our team consists of expert offensive and defensive cybersecurity operators with unmatched experience defending commercial and government networks against advanced threats.

      Product Overview

      IronDome is the industry’s first automated solution that links industry peers, supply chains, and regions within a common defense architecture to empower public and private enterprises to work together to strengthen common cyber defense. Our solution enables secure, anonymous sharing of threat insights and empowers the crowdsourcing of threat detection and response across a community of peers.

      IronDome is for organizations of all sizes. Small organizations benefit from shared threat insights from the larger, more capable, and better equipped security operations. Large organizations benefit from greater visibility across the threat landscape, including threats targeting smaller organizations that are part of their business ecosystem.

      Benefits of Collective Defense

      • Real-time visibility across your threat landscape. IronDome delivers real-time visibility of cyber threats targeting supply chain, industry, region, or any custom IronDome collective defense grouping that you are participating in.
      • Superior network behavior detection beyond the enterprise. IronDome leverages proven analytics, machine learning (ML), and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques across anonymized participant data to identify stealthy threats targeting members that would otherwise be missed by an individual enterprise.
      • Reduce impact of a cyber attack with help from fellow cyber defenders. IronDome acts as a collaboration hub to enable participants to automatically share real-time detections, triage outcomes, threat indicators, and other forms of threat insights with members of their collective defense group. When suspicious behaviors are identified by any member, IronDome automatically shares a proactive warning to all members at machine speed so each member can prioritize their defense against the identified cyber threat.
      • Improve effectiveness of existing cybersecurity investments. IronDome participants receive priority Indicators of Compromise (IoC) of threats detected by the collective that can be used to create detection rules for network, endpoint, or other security tools to identify and stop adversaries from retargeting their attack.
      Click Here to read Threat Intelligence e-book
      Click Here to download The Case for Collective Defense e-book
      Click Here to read Southern Company Case Study
      Click Here to read OMDIA Review




      Businesses today face new pressures to be faster, cheaper, and safer. Saviynt’s modular platform is designed to Enhance Efficiency, Reduce TCO, and Improve Security Posture. We help you meet your immediate business need, then expand to exponentially grow value.


      Saviynt’s Intelligent Identity Hub perfectly balances the demands of reliable governance, ironclad security, and frictionless access. Implement each best-of-breed modular product individually for fast ROI or gain synergies by growing your identity foundation.


      Saviynt’s cloud-native Identity Governance and Administration (IGA) platform protects your most sensitive information and increases your organisational efficiency and agility by ensuring that the right people have the right access to the right resources for only the right amount of time. Enterprises need to know what data to protect and how best to protect it. Data governance allows an enterprise to identify its high value, high-risk datasets and allocate relevant resources to protect the data.


      As your organisation’s application ecosystem expands - whether organically or through acquisition - the challenges of maintaining strict boundaries and compliance to prevent fraud and misuse grow ever more complex, adding new risk to your security posture.


      Exchange identity risk signals across monitoring platforms to enhance security and maintain compliance.


      Understand and mitigate data security risks through rich analytics and enforceable risk based access.


      Protect your cloud infrastructure and SaaS solutions from internal and external risks with PAM.




      Skybox provides the intelligence and context to make informed decisions, taking the guesswork out of securely enabling enterprises at scale and speed. Skybox helps enterprises avoid breaches by providing complete visibility, analytics and automation to quickly map, prioritize and remediate vulnerabilities.

      The problem we solve:

      Enterprises are struggling to deal with expanding cybersecurity threats and business risks due to a dynamically changing, complex attack surface. Increasingly fragmented and decentralized networks, siloed security management processes, inconsistent security and network configurations and immature vulnerability management programs have created the perfect storm. Skybox helps security leaders optimize their operations by providing better visibility and insights across hybrid and multi-cloud environments, allowing them to quickly pinpoint exposure to potential cyberattacks and compliance risks.

      Skybox is the only platform that provides security and network teams with the ability to analyze and validate network, cloud, and security configurations together to proactively gain full context and understanding of their attack surface. The platform unifies vulnerability and policy management capabilities so organizations can establish a mature and tightly connected security posture management framework across planning, implementation, and continuous change management workflows.

      What we offer

      Skybox helps customers attain the best overall security posture across their business by:
      • Intelligently identifying and addressing cybersecurity exposure and compliance risk across hybrid infrastructure.
      • Achieving greater operational efficiencies and scale across IT and Security teams, while optimizing the security stack.
      • Maximizing resources and valuable talent to focus on the cybersecurity challenges that pose the greatest business risk.

      Skybox Security Posture Management Platform

      Provides a centralised, automated and vendor-agnostic approach for enabling security policy and change management as well as full-lifecycle vulnerability management across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. With the platform, enterprises gain complete visibility and can leverage analytics and automation to quickly map, priotitize and remediate vulnerabilities across the organization.

      Skybox Security Policy Management

      Enables consistent and effective configuration compliance, rule-based optimization and change automation across traditional networks and firewalls and next generation firewalls through to virtualized environments, public clouds and more.

      Skybox Vulnerability and Threat Management

      Maps and visualizes attack surfaces across hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructures. Conduct risk scoring and vulnerability remediation prioritization based on asset tiers, exploitability and exposure analysis.

      • Gain greater insight - Dynamically model infrastructure and policies to replicate real-world network behavior through the aggregation of multiple data sets across security, cloud and network technologies.
      • Fortify security posture - Obtain seamless visibility, context and control across multi-cloud networks and IoT environments to protect the entire organization with a comprehensive model.
      • Reduce compliance and business risk - Gain full understanding of the attack surface and analyze multiple levels of risk to achieve more accurate reporting while determining the most optimum remediation solutions.
      • Maximize resources - Automate with context to identify and prioritize optimal remediation options. Increase speed and accuracy of security policy and vulnerability threat management efforts.



      Defenders Think Lists. Attackers Think Attack-Graphs.



      The XM Cyber Attack-Centric Exposure Prioritization Platform shows you what could happen in your current environment and how to stop it.

      Harden your security where it matters most by removing the risks directly affecting your important business-critical assets.

      Networks change constantly and that creates problems for IT and security operations. Gaps open exposing pathways that attackers can exploit. While enterprise security controls like firewalls, intrusion prevention, vulnerability management and endpoint tools attempt to secure your network, breaches are still possible. The last line of defense must include constant analysis of daily exposures caused by exploitable vulnerabilities, common configuration mistakes, mismanaged credentials and legitimate user activity that exposes systems to risk of attack.

      Why are hackers still successful despite significant investments in security controls? Several factors make securing your network difficult, mostly because of overwhelming alerts, never-ending software updates and patches, and numerous vulnerability notifications. Those responsible for security must research and evaluate piles of data without context. Risk reduction is almost impossible.

      XM Cyber solves this problem by focusing your security investments where they can make the most impact on risk to business-critical assets. XM continuously scans your network and identifies exposures from exploitable vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, poorly managed credentials and risky user activities – these are the attacker golden nuggets, the essentials elements required for lateral move. The XM Platform then continuously simulates attacks towards your business-critical assets looking for attack paths that can be exploited. The result is a selective list of exposures putting your business-critical assets at risk. Context-sensitive least-effort remediation advice allows SecOps and IT teams to quickly patch the exposures.

      The patented platform continuously simulates known and unknown attack vectors, using a hacker mindset to demonstrate what could happen. By continuously identifying new exposures from misconfigurations, poorly managed credentials and exploitable vulnerabilities, the platform shows your IT and SecOps teams what needs to be remediated, what the risk is to the rest of the network, and what steps need to be taken to fix the problem. More importantly, the platform also prioritizes the remedial activities based on risk factors associated with your most important, business-critical systems and data.

      Deploy the XM Cyber Attack-Centric Exposure Prioritization Platform for Risk Reduction

      Thorough continuously running risk-free in your on-premises, cloud or hybrid production environment, the XM Cyber Platform exposes attack paths that go unnoticed by other security controls. The accompanying, detailed remediation advice directs your security and network teams and prioritizes their actions based on criticality of the assets, the associated attack vectors and choke points, and additional contextual data.

      The risk-free platform delivers context to your cyber security remediation programs, allowing your security and IT operation teams to achieve higher security posture and operational efficiency. You can now eliminate 99% of the risk to your critical systems by focusing on 1% of the exposures that can be exploited.

      The XM Cyber Platform works closely with your existing security controls to give your teams additional information vital to rapid response. It’s more than just attack simulation. The platform secures your cloud, prioritizes remediation to vulnerabilities, identifies unknown and undiscovered attack paths, and demonstrably reduces risk.

      Breach and Attack Simulation

      XM Cyber’s Attack-Centric Exposure Prioritization is a new approach to Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS). Unlike other BAS vendors that check if security controls are properly configured, XM Cyber starts with identifying the most critical assets and identifies all attack path possibilities.

      Then it quickly connects the dots from breach point to critical asset if there exists any potential attack path. Next, it creates a prioritized remediation plan, based on real risks to your critical assets, that directs your teams to quickly eliminate steps hackers would take inside your environment.

      Hackers explore every opening, waiting for changes that get them closer to your critical assets. The best defense is to take the same approach – be proactive in searching for attack paths.

      Key benefits of XM Cyber include:
      • Run risk-free with no impact to your production environment
      • Discover risks as they arise by continuously looking for attack vectors
      • Validate your remediation efforts and track your overall security posture and risk level
      • Discover hard-to-find exposures that result from misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, misplaced credentials and poor user behavior
      • See how attackers can pivot in your environment and use multiple vulnerabilities and exposures to form new attack vectors that lead to your business-sensitive assets.

      By identifying and prioritizing security that protects the most important data, XM Cyber customers optimize their existing security investments and significantly reduce risk and the impact of a breach.

      Attack-Based Vulnerability Management

      Not all vulnerabilities are created equal. XM Cyber combines advanced vulnerability scanning and patch management capabilities with its patented attack simulation engine to expose and remediate the greatest risks to your digital world. By adding additional context of how a particular vulnerability can be leveraged to compromise your critical assets, XM Cyber maximizes the effectiveness of your team’s ability to proactively secure what matters most.

      Key Benefits of XM Cyber Attack-Based Vulnerability Management:
      • Attacker-based vulnerability management solutions are the next generation of risk quantification for cloud and on-premise environments.
      • As part of its remedial action process, XM Cyber points security and IT teams to the most accurate patch or update from the vendor saving hours and hours of research time.
      • XM Cyber provides concrete evidence to the security and IT teams to justify the request for updating or patching systems and applications where business owners or others with authority and responsibility might resist due to unknown consequences or downtime required to accomplish the task.
      • New patches released by vendors often replace, or supersede, the previous patch release. XM Cyber solves this problem by always offering the right patch at the right time.

      Using attack simulation in conjunction with vulnerability scanning, XM Cyber delivers the next generation in vulnerability management. Now security and IT teams can work together, relying on additional context to evaluate the criticality of each vulnerability to prioritize and manage updates and patching. The benefit to customers is a continuous approach to vulnerability management that reduces risk while also reducing man hours and improving processes between security and operations.

      Cloud Security Posture Management

      Analyst firms like Gartner regularly report that most attacks happening in cloud-based environments are from error, not vulnerabilities. Most organizations are still in the early stages of adopting cloud services. Constant change and new ways of working can easily create gaps in your security, particularly when combined with a hybrid network environment.

      Key Benefits of XM Cyber Cloud Security Posture Management:
      • Quickly identify security issues during migrations when changes are happening rapidly.
      • Find attack paths from on premise network devices that reach AWS assets.
      • Audit configurations via an API and calculate different attack vectors to find misconfigurations leading to risks such from unmanaged privilege escalations or access token theft


      The goal of your security is not just to remediate incidents. XM Cyber helps prioritize work for your security and network teams that will have the most impact on reducing risk to your business-critical systems. By adding context to alerts and notifications from your existing security controls, XM Cyber helps your teams understand the potential impact, criticality of each asset, and related connections and choke points so they can prioritize their actions.

      Security Orchestration, Automation and Response

      The next step in your SOAR strategy should be to build an attack-centric exposure approach to evaluating all the information at hand. More importantly, the additional information should reflect your actual environment, and therefore, it also prioritizes remedial actions based your true risk potential. Relying on outside industry statistics for risk can be helpful, but not accurate. A small-risk incident report might go unresolved when in fact in can be a steppingstone to your crown jewels. It’s all in the context and that’s what your security teams need to have at their fingertips.

      Cloud and Hybrid Environments

      As more and more data are migrated to the cloud, new risks emerge making it critical for companies to assess their risk posture and understand how attackers can operate within their cloud environment. XM Cyber closes the loop between on-prem and cloud risk assessment via its patented, automated Attack-Centric Exposure Prioritization (ACEP) platform.

      Endpoint Detection and Response

      Your analysts need more information about assets where your endpoint detection has identified an issue. When alerts are received that a specific asset is at high risk, your security analyst can rely on XM Cyber to provide additional information on the criticality of that asset, what impact its compromise has on other assets in the network, as well as how to fix it.




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